Author Guidlines

Please read the following shipping guidelines carefully:

A. Requirements in General

DIGIMUN minimum standard requirements must be:

1. It is written in Indonesian.
2. The submitted paper must be at least 8 pages long and no more than 15 pages long. If a paper requires more than 15 pages, the editor will decide.
3. For reference management and formatting, use tools like Zotero, Mendeley, or EndNote, and stick to IEEE styles.
4. Use the DIGIMUN paper template to ensure that your paper is properly prepared.

B. Manuscript Structure

Manuscripts should be prepared and it is recommended to follow the structure:

1. Title. The title of the paper must describe the purpose, method/model, and research objectives, without acronyms or abbreviations.
2. Abstract. Abstract has 150 to 250 WORDS; No quote; State in an abstract the main objectives, research design, methodology, main results, and results, and conclusions.
3. Part structure. Authors are advised to present their articles in a section structure: Introduction - Methods - Results and Discussion - Conclusions
4. Reference. Expect a minimum of 30 references especially with a minimum of 80% for journal papers published between 2016 and 2020.

Please contact info Debi Setiawan M.Kom, for the problem.